Somewhat Familiar

Chinese International School IB Diploma Visual Art Exhibition 2016

The Space is proud to be hosting the IB Diploma Visual Art Exhibition 2016 of Chinese International School from the 14th to 16th March of 2016.


Somewhat Familiar 

"Creativity can involve related and opposing processes. One makes the ‘unfamiliar familiar', whereas the other makes the 'familiar unfamiliar’.

Both processes utilise the endurance of an area of representation, sorting and ordering so it can be understood as an object, activity or a happening. These representations are reduced and arranged in a context, and with discourse, the context and the representational form can be transformed.

New meaning can derive from exposure to and the development of visual literacies. These visual messages also come from within a group. It can be responses to internal and external factors, inner and outer realities.  In this case, a group of twenty-one young artistic students from Chinese International School who will acquaint the viewer with their experiences and views about what it means to exist in today’s reality. The members of this group are of a familiar spirit and they present a series of recognisable, unusual and strange work in creative ways.  

I wish to congratulate these artists on their exciting body of work and clever approaches.  I would like thank our IB Diploma Visual Arts teacher, Ms Sera Jensen, for her active dedication and support. Also, thank you to Beverly Riddell who taught art to these students during their formative years. Our technicians, Jeff Man, Maia Lam and Jenny Lee, whose professionalism, agility and cooperation are vital to the success of the exhibition and the running of our department.  Finally, thanks to Ronnie Chan and his team for helping us to construct the exhibition and to leadership for their continued support of the Visual Arts course."

Georgina Martignago,
Chair of Visual Arts.

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